About StarPool

Starpool operated by Australian Star Chain PTY LTD, for the world to provide BTC and other digital assets trading services, is safe and reliable digital asset trading network.

Our platform uses multi-technology security protection to create a financial-level professional digital asset trading network, dedicated to digital asset investment enthusiasts to create a safe, comfortable and fast trading channels, so that investors can rest assured that the transaction.

The core members of the company from the long-term Internet and financial products R & D operations experience and an international perspective of the professionals from the leadership to front-line staff are adhering to the "intentions of service every second" concept, user demand-oriented Enhance the user experience as the core, for the global users to provide the most secure and reliable and convenient digital asset services.

Our Vision

StarPool is an open and decentralized financial network that allows BTC to show the world more opportunities for innovation, effectiveness and equality, and this is the world we are trying to see.

Our Mission

The potential to release BTC, the establishment of a complete pool system, as the purchase and sale of BTC the most convenient place, so BTC easier to use!

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